Andreas Aresti Debuts New Brand Lourdes in Paris

FASHION HOLOGRAMS: Guests treaded carefully upon arriving at the Lourdes presentation on Wednesday: The floor at the entrance of the Dragons Elysées restaurant was a pane of glass atop an aquarium. That wasn’t the only quirky detail that evening. Instead of racks of clothing or even a photo installation, designer Andreas Aresti decided to show his debut women’s wear collection on holographic screens. While his name might not ring a bell, Aresti is behind some of the buzziest fashion brands around: He started at 17 years old at Gypsy Sport, then went on to design for Tim Coppens, Kanye West and Stefano Pilati for the launch of Random Identities. The designer is now working on the relaunch of Hood By Air alongside Shayne Oliver. “My aesthetic is an accumulation of all of these experiences,” said Aresti, who is now 26 years old. Named after his mother, Lourdes is a brand offering clothes that are easy-to-wear: multipocket jeans, silk dresses, leather pieces and a skirt created out of an upside-down ribbed cotton tank top, a nod to Aresti’s personal style — he confessed to wearing one every day. The color palette — earthy tones of brown, black, beige and hints of blue — was inspired by

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