Bridget Foley’s Diary: I’m Sorry Alexandra Shulman, You ARE Too Smart to Have Written That

By now, you surely know of the brouhaha. On Saturday, former British Vogue editor in chief Alexandra Shulman posted a bizarre piece on the Daily Mail taking Helena Christensen to task for the look she wore to Gigi Hadid’s birthday party. By Monday, it had erupted into a social media maelstrom. Playing into the denim theme for the fete at L’Avenue at Saks Fifth Avenue, Christensen paired high-rise, loose-legged jeans with flat sandals and a black lace bustier. Shulman did not approve. The look unleashed her harshest inner school marm and a reactionary talking-to to Christensen and along with her, to all of us women in the 50-plus category about just where we stand in the sensuality stakes. Her take isn’t pretty. How Christensen looked in her bustier is almost beside the point of Shulman’s tirade. That said, from my vantage point — and social media suggests that legions of people agree — she looked fabulous. And not “fabulous for 50,” but just plain fabulous. Still, often a good look is in the eye of the beholder, and Shulman has the right to disagree. But would that she had called Christensen to task merely for donning innerwear as outerwear. Instead, Shulman used

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