Bridget Foley’s Diary Views on Sustainability: Halide Alagöz

How does a manufacturing-based industry like fashion reconcile growth with sustainability? Halide Alagöz: Let’s start with this. Because when we were building the framework, the way we approach sustainability, there were a few recognitions we had. One was that we built it around three main principles — stewardship, integration and impact. We said stewardship because there is only one Earth and we borrow it from the next generation so we better take care of it. Our industry uses a lot of resources from nature so we have to do better. The second one was integration. You cannot approach sustainability as a parallel initiative. It has to be a part of who you are, it has to be integrated with the way you think about business. There, we have an opportunity because we are all about creating timeless style. Our business model is built on creating timeless style; Ralph creates products for people to love and wear forever and hand over to the next generation. It cannot really be timeless if you are not taking care of the world that we are living in. The third piece is impact. Because there are so many things we can do, we just have to be smart and

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