Bridget Foley’s Diary: What to Watch? How About Clothes?

As one year and, more powerfully, one decade, roll into the next, it’s human nature to take stock of what has been, and then project ahead. What will the future hold? This week, WWD is looking at what to watch across a range of essential topics — business, politics, tech, retail, and on and on, all essential topics. Successes and failures both grand-scale and small will depend upon how brands respond to the myriad forces shaping and reshaping the industry at once-unimaginable speed. Still, in all of the conversation around fashion, where it’s been, where it stands now and where it’s going, one very specific element continually gets short shrift: Clothes. Clothes, and our emotional, psychological, sociological connection to them. All of the broad-stroke topics that have defined the industry conversation recently — inclusivity, sustainability, technology, major group dominance and the difficulty of everyone to just stay afloat — are essential topics. Still, once upon a time, clothes were at the center of fashion, whether in the form of an audacious collection that changed everything, a counterculture look that crossed over to mainstream, a hot item that exploded. The closest we’ve come of late was the ample discussion of the emergence, now

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