Brunello Cucinelli Believes Better Times Will Return, Like the Swallows

CUCINELLI’S RAY OF HOPE: The times may be dark, but Brunello Cucinelli always sees some light. The Italian entrepreneur sent a letter on Thursday to those who attended the unveiling in September 2018 of the Hamlet of the Spirit, the village of Solomeo he restored. Thinking of happier moments, Cucinelli said the letter was “dictated” by his feelings at such a moment now — although he never mentioned the coronavirus by name. “Who sends the swallows? Almost always, when I’m away on business during the first days of March, I call home and ask if the swallows have returned to Solomeo. I ask this question for two reasons: because I’ve loved them since I was a child, and because sometimes, I’ve heard, they stop coming back to some countries; maybe they don’t fit in there anymore, and I find this a little unsettling.” This is how Cucinelli begins his musings, adding that the swallows are so punctual that one could set one’s clock by them. And sure enough, on Wednesday, they appeared. Cucinelli views them as “one of the most beautiful gifts of Creation,” rejoicing at their arrival, “but in this slightly less easy year I sort of saw in them

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