Christian Siriano Encourages Fashion Designers to Pitch in Designing Masks for Hospital Workers

GET TO WORK: Christian Siriano is calling on other fashion designers to join his efforts to sew masks for hospital workers in the fight against the coronavirus. After tweeting to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday asking how he could get masks to New York City hospitals, Cuomo’s team responded immediately to help coordinate and to determine which hospital needs the masks first, Siriano said. Now working from his home in Connecticut, Siriano said he and his team aim to make 1,000 masks for New York City hospitals in a couple of days. Siriano also hopes that any other designer who has the production capacity to help will do so. “I really think that if anybody still has team members who are sewing or who can sew, especially in New York, we could make a few hundred a day. There are only so many people who work in a hospital. Fashion could really change everything in a week. Look, we have nothing else to do right now. Nobody is buying clothes so what can we do? I hope that everybody can pitch in.” Siriano said, “I know that Monique Lhuillier has a full working atelier in L.A. Maybe she can help. Hopefully, everybody

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