Could Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’s Wardrobe Outshine Mother Meghan’s?

LONDON — Eyes may be locked onto the Duchess of Sussex as she travels around Africa with husband Prince Harry and Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on the family’s first official overseas tour. But her wardrobe won’t be the only one under scrutiny during the 10-day trip to the continent.  Although he’s only a few months old, Archie’s outfits will also be making headlines, and undoubtedly causing brand web sites to crash as parents around the world get the first glimpse of the royal baby’s style. Why not? Prince George caused a craze for Crocs when he was younger, while Princess Charlotte and her little floral dresses gave a boost to the Spanish brand M&H, among many others. Archie, meanwhile, made his first appearance in Africa on Wednesday, wearing striped overalls from H&M. Around the time that Archie was born, The Centre for Retail Research estimated that Meghan Markle could have the same impact on the children’s wear market as she has had on fashion in general. Over the next two years, the organization said that Markle’s baby is expected to generate roughly $1.48 billion in sales. The royal children are fueling growth in a sector where sales have already been snowballing. Euromonitor International, the market

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