Faldan Launches at London Fashion Week

LONDON — Laura Hanning is on a mission to solve every woman’s handbag problem — and muscle in on the Longchamp market — with her newly launched label Faldan during London Fashion Week. Her foldable, collapsable and stylish leather tote weighs as much as an iPhone, and can fit inside a Chanel mini bag. “I wanted to create a bag that’s not only functional, but looks beautiful and can be used in place of a standard cloth tote bag that doesn’t upset someone’s look,” Hanning said, adding that it needed to be lightweight and easy to store. Faldan is Hanning’s first fashion venture. Not only is she being mentored by one of the team at Michael Kors, the patent-pending bag has already attracted interest from the likes of the British actress and “Absolutely Fabulous” star Joanna Lumley. Until recently, Hanning was head of delegation in the UN representing Eastern Europe, including Mongolia and Kazakhstan. “I was helping out these places, but at the same time I felt so detached from them and from the action. So I left because I wanted to do something where I could see the difference and start by answering a very simple problem,” she said. For Hanning, that problem was

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