Fall in Full Swing at New York Women’s Trade Shows

DESIGNERS AND AGENTS BRAND: AVN DESIGNERS AND OWNERS: Husband-and-wife duo Caterina Serena and Gianfilippo Gherardi. BACKSTORY: The two partners launched AVN five years ago in Bologna, Italy. Everything is made in Italy and the idea behind the brand is streetwear, that’s cool for young people. Gherardi’s family has been in the fashion business for 40 years with the brands Ter et Bantine and Hache, designed by Gherardi’s mother, Manuela Arcari. During their summer vacation at their St. Barts villa, called Avalon, they decided to come up with a new brand. AVN is an acronym for Avalon. KEY PIECES: The pink puffy coat, used scarves featured on tops and pants, and several patchwork looks. WHOLESALE PRICES: Prices range from $200 for pants and skirts up to $400 for the puffer coat.   DESIGNER AND AGENTS BRAND: Hansel from Basel DESIGNER and OWNER: Hannah Byun BACKSTORY: “I grew up loving ‘The Sound of Music,’ and I always called myself Hansel from Basel. I like things that are charming and quirky,” she said. She started the business in 2007 with women’s legwear and added kids and men’s wear. Her father had a sock factory in California and she grew up around sock machines. “I loved to see how they were made. Eventually he

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