Giorgio Armani’s Choice of Language Sparks Controversy

HEAR ME OUT: Giorgio Armani had a bone to pick on Friday after his Emporio Armani show. “I am tired of hearing about trends. They are nothing. I want to improve the woman who lives now. There’s all this musing about the past as a trend, but I don’t agree with it at all,” said a feisty Armani. “So please stop writing about trends,” he urged the journalists assembled backstage for a briefing about the collection. “Write about what [Alessandro] Michele did at Gucci, what Miuccia Prada did at Prada and what I am doing, but let’s not play this game. You should get to the bottom of it, what is the thinking behind what we do. Stop being dominated by raving about the Nineties [as an example]. I am at a moment when I can say what I think,” he added with a knowing smile. So much so that Armani’s additional comments about the sexualization of women sparked some online controversy. “There is so much talk about women being raped, but women today are regularly ‘raped’ by designers,” said Armani, meaning that they are pushed to wear clothes that can be inappropriate and not fit for their age or size. “I am

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