Mugler’s Towering Moment in Montreal

MONTREAL — A raw, biting gale blasts over the snow-covered streets outside of Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts, where hundreds of people swaddled in parkas huddle expectantly for the arrival of the man for who helped define Eighties’ fashion, Thierry Mugler. Ironically, it’s as though nature herself conspired to create the perfect entrance for the indomitable, sweeping force that is Mugler. Now 70, the French-born designer’s “my limit is no limits” credo propelled him to stardom four decades ago and took him — and all who would enter — into a fantastical universe filled with daring Space-Age vixens and erotically clothed superheroines who powered their way across the catwalk in their wasp-waisted garb and wide-padded shoulders. Yet that heritage is still causing a stir as the elusive icon enters the building that will showcase the world premiere exhibition, which makes its debut to the public on March 2. Indeed, walking past fans, the throng of media and into a private reception filled with Montreal’s fashion elite, Mugler’s smile is hard to miss this evening — even in the midst of this bubbling, blue-lit chamber. “So many faces, so many dreams,” he said, standing there before the crowd with little more than his moustache, jeans

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