Noelle Wolf Looks at Lingerie From a New Angle

LONDON — Lingerie, and the women modeling it, are starting to look a lot different in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the rise of the LGBTQ community and conversations around gender, diversity and body positivity. Lingerie is no longer about the heterosexual male gaze, and brands, at all price points, have begun responding to retailers’ and customers’ calls for a wider variety of sizing, lingerie-athletic crossovers, gender-neutral styles and pieces that are less about sex and more about sensuality and performance. Noelle Wolf, which will launch at retail later this year, is one of those next-generation brands. Founded by the Los Angeles-based Wolf and run by British chief executive officer Ris Fatah, the brand wants to appeal to customers similar to the way a sneaker brand would. Images shot by Viviane Sassen of the debut Noelle Wolf collection.  Viviane Sassen Fatah said Noelle Wolf’s woman is “definitely more about the brains than the body. This is a big thing for us. So much lingerie marketing is about the body, and we want to move away from that. We want to be body neutral.” “In some ways it’s how sneaker brands or shoe brands market themselves. They don’t really talk about the body — and there’s

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