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Circularity is taking over the global fashion industry, but there is still plenty of efficiencies to add all along the supply chain, from sourcing materials to products hitting shelves. This is where sustainable brands, such as Opus Mind, fit into the equation. Opus Mind, a premium contemporary label that combines luxury and sustainability in its minimal-meets-chic accessories, was founded two years ago by Kathleen Kuo, a fashion veteran who wanted to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint and develop products for the eco-conscious consumer. After witnessing wasteful practices and the industry’s climate change issues, Kuo set out to develop Opus Mind, so her brand could have a better impact on the environment compared to others. “With these major events happening during this time and in my own personal experience, I could no longer stand watching and decided to take action. Additionally, I knew there were opportunities with online brands, where finding communities who cared for a specific mission was easier,” Kuo told WWD. “And so, Opus Mind was founded in 2017 and has been developing its ethical product line since.” The brand, which features backpacks, totes and other small leather goods that retail from $195 to $425, focuses on three key points: Timelessness, circularity

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