Pierpaolo Piccioli: Changing Fashion With Gentle Power

Pierpaolo Piccioli remains remarkably discreet in a culture in which privacy is an endangered condition. He bears none of “The Last Emperor” hauteur of house founder Valentino Garavani, whose aristocratic bearing and grand lifestyle helped secure his brand’s position in the world of haute couture. Piccioli doesn’t even live in a major fashion center. Rather, he commutes to Rome, the city he loves and which has deep emotional resonance for him and his work, from Nettuno, a seaside town an hour away. It’s from that vantage point that Piccioli has changed fashion, reframing the Valentino identity with a lyric grace expressed in major volumes and a daring way with color that rivals that of Yves Saint Laurent. That arresting oxymoron of power and gentleness initially took fashion by surprise and has continue to enthrall customers and inspire designers around the globe. Piccioli believes steadfastly in fashion as a creative source for good, something that can uplift, inspire, motivate. Most importantly, he believes in the contemporary validity of couture based on a value system which he views as about far more than exquisitely crafted, very expensive dresses. At the 2019 Fairchild Honors, WWD will honor Piccioli with our inaugural Women’s Wear Designer of the

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