Three Italian Textile and Material Innovators Upping the Ante on Sustainability

Sustainability in fashion often stems from the sourcing of responsible materials, as many of the most polluting processes across the supply chain involve the early steps of yarns treatment, dyeing and washing, as well as weaving. A number of Italian under-the-radar companies are upping the ante on eco-friendly processes — and products — in hope of reducing consumption of energy, water and chemicals, as well as with the aim of adapting to demand for greener products from both clients and consumers. Located in Castel Goffredo, on the outskirts of Mantova, Italy, Fulgar is one such company. The man-made textiles specialist was founded in the Seventies in what was Italy’s undisputed hub for the production of hosiery, a category that’s been suffering, thus pushing the company to explore new segments, including fashion, sportswear and even footwear. Specialized in the production of nylon 6.6, which boasts a range of features, such as resilience and elasticity, non-allergenic properties and resistance to mold, bacteria and insects, Fulgar has diversified its portfolio to include green textiles by enhancing the efficiency of its plant and handle multiple production lines at the same time through an investment of 2 million euros. Fulgar’s foray into sustainability dates back to 1997, when it

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