Vintage Clothing Craze Creates Supply Shortages, Prices Soar

The springtime opening of Hudson Yards was a study in things new and shiny. But inside the Neiman Marcus store there, a rack of vintage clothes stood out among a sea of box-fresh Balenciaga sneakers, straight from the runway Loewe handbags and floors of buffed marble and steel. The archival bomber jackets and cocktail dresses, curated by Los Angeles-based Resurrection Vintage, were the latest sign that vintage clothes have become part of mainstream shopping culture. Once considered fashion fringe, vintage has now permeated all ranks of the retail chain — spotted on the racks of luxury retailers like Neiman’s, Harrods and Isetan; the subject of weekend destination shopping fairs, and even the basis for an eco-friendly line at Urban Outfitters. But this frenzy for old clothes has created something of a catch-22 for the vintage industry: Business is booming, but there are only so many desirable old clothes in the U.S. to go around. “The only way to cope with supply and demand is to make more, and you can’t go back in time and make more things that are old,” said Veronica Norris, creative director of the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based boutique Amarcord. A display of vintage clothes in Neiman Marcus’ new Hudson Yards

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